Green Shift Energy is a broker and energy procurement advisor of Electricity and Natural gas.

We assist clients in pricing and procuring their Electricity and Natural Gas through Competitive Suppliers in an effort to manage their price risk.

  • The Utility Company is NOT your only option for the purchase of Electricity and Natural Gas.
  • Your business may choose a ‘Competitive Supplier’ in lieu of the Utility.
  • Green Shift Energy will provide you with pricing options from multiple Competitive Suppliers.

  • …Assist you in the purchase of Electricity and Natural Gas, with the goal of obtaining the most competitive price for the product best suited to your company.
  • …Manage your procurement process and issue pricing requests to suppliers.
  • …Present you with options compatible with your company’s energy usage and risk profile.

  • Manufacturers
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Property Manager
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Schools and Municipalities
  • Medical Facilities

Choosing the right supplier is important. In New York alone, there is over 100 competitive energy suppliers, each able to provide your electricity and natural gas in lieu of the utility. Some are large and some small; Some reputable and some not. Some even have complaints filed against them with the regulatory commission. Green Shift Energy works with only the most reputable, established suppliers to service our clients.

Client provides utility information to Green Shift Energy. This is typically a recent copy of a utility invoice.

Client’s utility information analyzed for proper, accurate pricing.

Green Shift Energy requests, aggregates and compares pricing from various Competitive Suppliers.

Upon review of pricing options, client chooses supplier. Supply agreement signed.

As a broker, Green Shift Energy is compensated by the supplier as their agent; not by the client.

We believe (and it is our objective) that the competitive bidding process and the advice provided by us will more than make up for any incremental cost paid to us by the supplier.

As an independent energy broker and consultant, we recommend what is best for our clients. We objectively evaluate pricing options and suppliers to present an unbiased recommendation that is suitable to our clients based on their usage, type of business and risk profile.